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Dóna’m la flauta i canta…

A’tini al-NayGive me the fluteLyrics: Kahlil Gibran Music: Najib Hankash

Give me the flute, and sing / immortality lies in a song / and even after we’ve perished / the flute continues to lament / have you taken refuge in the woods / away from places like me / followed streams on their courses / and climbed up the rocks. Did you ever bathe in a perfume / and dry yourself with a light / drink the dawn as wine / rarefied in goblets of ether / give me the flute then and sing / the best of prayer is song / and even when life perishes / the flute continues to lament / have you spent an evening / as I have done / among vines / where the golden candelabra / clusters hang down / did you sleep on the grass at night / and let space be your blanket / abstaining from all that will come / forgetful of all that has passed / give the flute then and sing / in singing is Justice for the heart / and even after every guilt / has perished / the flute continues to lament / give the flute and sing / forget illness and its cure / people are nothing but lines / which are scribbled on water.

From Fairouz; Legend and Legacy


Poema de Khalil Gibran, música de Najib Hankash i veu de Fairouz. Líban.

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